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Nipsey Hussle – RIP

Nipsey Hussle wasn’t the most well-known artist, so I kind of feel the need to put a little bit of information out there about him. It’s hard to understate how much he meant to so many people, places, and things. And it wasn’t just dropping money or handing out turkeys, he was seriously involved in LA and abroad. I will probably update this as time goes on, and as I learn more.

First off, his legacy isn’t dead. He represents a force that’s been going through the Los Angeles community and will continue. He is survived by his wife Lauren London and his children.

Here’s one of my favorite songs of his. I had Outro on repeat during one of the shifts in my life. I have it on repeat now:

Nipsey was a positive force variety of ways. Here’s a few that I know of:

  1. Was all about being self-made. Had a deal and then worked to do his own thing and ended up doing it better. He was a true entrepreneur.

  2. Was loved by his community and respected by both sides of the streets. (In other words, this wasn’t a “gang thing”.)

  3. Innovative mixtape marketer – Created and marketed the independently-released TMC marathon series of mixtapes that would all lead up to …

  4. Recently released his Grammy-nominated major studio album, Victory Lap. You can buy it now (or stream if you have Amazon Prime)<https://amzn.to/2TKsJZD>

  5. Represents one of the few artists that was able to successfully structure his business to own his publishing and his masters. This was possible because he never looked to the major labels for help.

  6. Never stopped learning or looking for more opportunities

  7. Owner of The Marathon, a popular clothing store in his neighborhood <https://www.themarathonclothing.com/>

  8. Innovative mixtape seller – created special-edition copies of his Crenshaw mixtape which he sold for $100 apiece. Jay-Z was impressed and bought a few. <http://bit.ly/2FLfGSA via Forbes>

  9. Founder of Vector90 – Co-working space, cultural hub and incubator <https://www.vector90.com>

  10. Was the driving force behind making Destination Crenshaw happen.

  11. Sat down and talked with many influential minds like Gary Vaynerchuk <http://bit.ly/2I3SiTf>

  12. Worked to end the problems associated with gang life (see picture)

  13. Opened a neighborhood fish market

  14. Opened a neighborhood barbershop

  15. Feature Mixtape 1 – The Marathon Continues – http://bit.ly/2uESuQR

  16. Feature Mixtape 2 – The Marathon – http://bit.ly/2UcpuiA

  17. Feature Mixtape 3 – Crenshaw – http://bit.ly/2ODeyEI

  18. Was working on a documentary featuring Dr Sebi because of the many health problems he saw around him

  19. Has a tattoo that simply says “PROLIFIC”, a sentiment I vibe with.

  20. Was an all-around cool guy


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